Clowns for Haiti

Helping Haitians smile again by performing, raising awareness, fundraising, re-building and bringing fun to Haiti.

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Clowns for Haiti

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We are Clowns for Haiti

An Irish charity making Haitians smile again
Why choose Us?

Why Support Us.Because we Care.

Since 2010, Clowns for Haiti has delivered hundreds of performances and workshops to communities in both countries in an effort to raise awareness of Haiti's plight.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Is to Fundraise and Re-build.

Clowns for Haiti is a Dublin-based charity working to re-build and resource schools in Haiti by raising funds, supporting performing arts and bringing fun to Haiti.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make Haitins Happy.

The children of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere need our help. Partner with us and help bring a little joy and hope into the lives of these children.

"One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen, can change the world."

Malala, Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, 16-year-old Pakistani school girl

Pencil Case Appeal.

Does your school need a charity?

First piloted in 2012 and now a partner of INTO's Global Solidarity initiative, The Pencil Case Appeal has sought to play a key role in raising awareness of the difficulties facing Haitian school-children by fostering links between children & schools.

It's a simple idea. Irish school children will receive a pencil-case, which they must fill with their unwanted stationary items. It will be flown to our school network in Haiti where their gift will be gratefully received by school-children the same age. And so friendships begin.

Read the Clowns for Haiti Pencil Case Appeal '14 wrap-up press release, supported by the Irish National Teacher's Organization.

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"Schools wanting to adopt an international charity need look no further"


The Head Clowns
Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

Peter Gannon

Peter Gannon

The Clowns

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The Clowns for Haiti

Our Story

What is it all about?

Two Countries

Haiti and Ireland; two islands with no land between them. Haiti 9 million people, and Ireland 4 million people.

The Earthquake

4,000 schools in Haiti, 3,640 destroyed. Two Petes went as Clowns to Haiti after the earthquake to help.

Clowns Take Action

The Irish clowns made Haitians smile again. We have rebuilt 1 temporary primary school already for Bishop and Gladys.

Friendships Begin

Once rebuilt, a Haitian school will be twinned with an Irish school. Funds go to resourcing schools, linking children via performing arts.

Time to Learn & Explore

Students and teachers will learn about and visit each other's country.

Endless Possibilities

This long term project starts with Irish and Haitian students during their primary school years.



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